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Annnnd Action!

If you could bottle sunshine, a freight train and a couple shots of irreverent sarcasm, well, you'd have Jen! Jen is currently a non-union Scottsdale-based actor with decades of experience entertaining audiences. She has an intuitive knack for memorization, choreography, improv, and landing the joke... making her an ideal choice for television and film.

On a recent shoot, the producer described Jen as "Aspirational and Approachable". Her versatility, energy and ease to work with is why Jen stands out for Directors and Producers.

Though Arizona is seeing an uptick in on-camera opportunities, Jen still pops over to LA often, and because she has a current passport and drivers license, she can easily travel globally. Jen is both vaxxed and double (or is it triple now?) boosted, so she has no issue flying, coming into the studio or on set.

Jen's special skills include: 2x Award-Nominated Voice Talent, Public Speaker, Singer and Piano Player. Dance, Jazz, Tap and Ballroom. Advanced Yoga & Pilates Skills. Advanced Woodworking/Power Tools. Biking, Roller Skating and Improv. 

Interested in working together?

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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